The time is summer 2010, and Richie and I have decided that we’d like to explore the North Eastern Coastline of the United States. We had planned to leave Mount Sinai and head north, stopping along the way to experience all our great country has to offer. The lifestyles, customs, and traditions of our fellow citizens remain a mystery to many of us, only viewed as we step into their part of America. Richie and I never minimize how lucky we are to be able to meet with new and different people from all walks of life.  We are very fortunate to have our health, the means and a “Spirit of Adventure”, to travel in this unique way.

    We have a new First Mate, Molly who I adopted 9/1/10 through Bret calls her “The Lottery Dog”, because he says she won the lottery when I adopted her. Richie is a bit more curt and says I’m putting my Vet’s son through college. That’s her above, studying the charts. She was the most pathetic mini poodle on the internet. I tell people I can’t save the world, but can save a tiny piece. She has become a phenomenal boat dog and enjoys the pets of everyone as we travel. She’s always available for a “fur fix”, for travelers who have left their dog behind.

    As I mentioned, we planned to make way to Maine and Canada in 2010 and then return to my favorite destination, Martha’s Vineyard. Unfortunately, the best laid plans sometimes go awry. We had several problems with the generator and the watermaker. As we stopped in Portland, Portsmouth and Buzzards Bay for repairs, each mechanic had a different opinion. Everything they said seemed plausible to us, (two Captains with minimal mechanical aptitude), but the problem was actually intermittent and would not be fully resolved until summer 2011. Of course many parts were changed and the bills high, but, the generator worked when we left.  Unfortunately a few days later it stopped again. Too far to return. Oh well! What’s that saying? “A boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into.” Yup, it’s true!!!

    We had allowed 8 weeks for the trip - the limit of Bobbi’s patience and endurance, and realized that when we arrived in Boothbay Harbor, there would not be enough time to go further “Down East” (Maine phrase - view a map and you’ll see why). Hence we turned around and headed for Martha’s Vineyard. We were able to enjoy some time there when we got a call from Bret that the Sprinkler system had a crack in the manifold and could not be used. We were thankful that our neighbors Kevin, who watches Stoney (our 15 year old cat), and his dad Ken saw the flooding in the yard and basement and then notified Bret. During that heat wave of 2010, all the grass and flowers would die. So we headed home after 6 1/2 weeks at sea.

    We decided that in 2011 we would try again and make our way up the coast of Maine to Canada. The pictures and stories on the following pages will cover both years as we ventured to some of the same and many new ports along the way. We left earlier this year in hopes of seeing it all and meeting in Buzzard’s Bay for the Catalina Rendezvous  July 30th weekend. If you have the time and a little curiosity,  join us for another adventure.

    Oh --- for our Land Lubber friends, a mooring is an anchor (usually a mushroom) at the bottom of the sea, with a line tied to a large ball floating on the surface of the water. Attached to the ball is a pennant (line) with a loop which can be placed over a cleat on the front of your boat. If you are lucky it may also be attached to a small thin line with a floating pick up stick about 3’ tall, allowing the mate (usually me or Molly) to pick up the stick with the entire line without using the boat hook. This should now be clear as mud!

Journey to Maine and Canada            2010 & 2011